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Refinishing hardwood floors Fremont CA "Before"

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Refinishing hardwood floors Fremont CA "After"

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Hardwood floor refinishing "Before" in Fremont CA

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Hardwood floor refinishing "After" in Fremont CA

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Hardwood floor kitchen "Before" Fremont CA

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Hardwood floor kitchen "After" Fremont CA

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40 year old hardwood floors Fremont CA "Before"

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40 year old hardwood floors Fremont CA "After"


The Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company 

Hardwood floor refinishing in Alameda County and Santa Clara County is extremely beautiful and affordable with National Floors. Our team of hardwood floor "Refinishers" can take your hardwood floors that are decades old and transform them into like "New" appearance. Typically, refinishing hardwood floors is much cheaper than installing new carpet. Here you can see from the examples above what a dramatic change your floors can experience when being refinished by National Floors. Deep scratches, gouges and other imperfections are erased with the four stage sanding process. If stains don't go away, then we can swap boards out to match what you have to beautifully blend the new with the old.

Hardwood floor finisher

Hardwood floors refinishing in Alameda County/ East Bay CA is our forte'. It takes a tremendous amount of skill, patience and know how to continuously turn out high quality hardwood floor refinishing work like we do. On average, our wood floor contractors will refinish over 130 floors per year. A hardwood floor finisher is highly trained and skilled at what they do. It doesn't matter if your hardwood floors are red oak, white oak, maple, santos mahogany or Brazilian cherry.
Our hard wood floor coating is commercial grade. It's the same high quality you will find in businesses and malls. If you want your floors refinished "Natural" in color, that is the simpler option which is sanding your floors and providing 3 coats of wood floor coating or polyurethane. This is referred to as clear coating, which produces the natural color of the hardwood floor you have. If you want to change the color, then you would move towards the staining options. Not all hardwoods can be stained, but most can. Don't worry about the technical aspect, we got this. We will take your old hardwood floors in Alameda County and make them look like "New" again. What can you expect after the work is done? Floors that are flat, color that is even and a sheen of your choice.

Refinishing hardwood floor cost

It's a common question to know what refinishing hardwood floors cost. Well, that's kind of like asking how much a car cost. There are many variables for us to consider before we can give you a cost for refinishing hardwood floors. I can tell you this, even the smallest job will take 3 days to complete due to dry time. I can also tell you that the more square footage you have, the deep the discount. Please feel free to call us and perhaps we can give you a rough quote over the phone.
Refinishing hardwood with "Stain option"
Staining hardwood is a completely different story. If you have an oak floor, then you have the option to basically go in any direction you want when it comes to staining. Why? Because oak accepts stain very well. Some species, like maple, have tighter grains and don't accept stain very well. Other species may be too dark and therefore eliminate the option of going lighter in color. There is so much to talk about, so we suggest speaking with the estimator about having a stain demo performed at your home prior to the refinishing work.

Painting and protecting your hardwood floors

This is a common issue painters encounter.  Please read.  

Question: I'm going to paint my house, should I put craft paper and painters tape on my hardwood floors to protect them?

Answer: The simple answer is NO! The paper is okay, but when applying painters tape, you have a very good chance of harming the floors by pulling the finish off the hardwood floors once the tape is removed. Hardwood floor polyurethane finish is designed to withstand downward force, not have it's adhesion qualities tested in an upwards direction. There are a few times a month when we get calls because a homeowner or less experienced professional painters is naive to this rule and will experience lifting the finish off the hardwood floors with painters tape. It can be fixed, sometimes. Other times it may require the complete room to be either recoated or completely refinished. Be careful.

Outdoor Hardwood Deck RefinishingDeck compressed

Well, it's official.  National Floors hardwood floor refinishing is now sanding and refinishing out door hardwoood decks.  So whether your deck is doug fir or redwood, we can sand it.  Your harwdood decks are just like any other investment.  If you neglect them, they will deteriote and lose value.  With a hardwood deck, things are a little different, because of the sun and weather, they can wear out very fast if not protected.  As you may or may not know, it can be very costly to repair or replace your outdoor hardwood deck.    

This is what we do for you:  We will sand your deck and create a like "New" surface.  The deck will be flattened, just like we would with an interior hardwood floor.  We will then apply multiple coats of an outdoor deck material that is engineered to block UV rays.  The look is Amazing and will last for many years.  






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