Wood Floor Repairs

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Hardwood floor repair can be both affordable and fast when National floors gets the service call.  

National floors deals in all facets of hardwood floor damage like;

  • Termite damage
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Heavy Gouging, scratches, cracks, splits, etc..


Check with your insurance agent first

  We get calls all the time from homeowners that didn't realize that they are fully insured when it comes to damage that has occured to their hardwood floors.  Insurance claims through State farm and AAA can be preformed by National Floors.  If you have another insurance provider, we can work with them as well.  Call us for an appointment 

National Floors takes wood floor repair to the next level.  Hardwood or wood floor repair can be difficult but don’t despair, it is affordable if you choose the right company to work with.  The main problem with wood floor repair is doing it correctly the first time to avoid an ugly appearance and to avoid any do overs which will require more of your personal time and of course the cost of the pro plus the materials.  A common problem that will require wood floor repair is cupping or crowning.  This is when the edges either raise or dip making the floor uneven.  This is always due to a moisture issue.  If you have new floors and this has happened, then it could be due to lack of acclimation.  The other reason could be a wet sub-floor or slab.  Why is it wet, we could not tell you over the phone unfortunately.



Pet Damage and Stains

These pictures are a perfect example of how pet stains on hardwood floors can be transformed into amazing hardwood floors refinished.  The floors on the left are heavily damaged with pet stains.  After sanding and staining the floor to "Blend" the stains in, the photo on the right is what you are left with.  This would be a viable and cost effective alternative to board swapping.








Termite Damage


Termites are another favorite when it comes to hardwood floor repair.  Some people know that damage occurs slowly with termites and that only leads to procrastination.  Get the house tented and pass on the new trendy ways.  Below you can see a few pictures showing you the extreme damage that termites can produce when left to their own devices.  Termites are notorious for destroying homes.  The amount of damage termites create adds up to the billions nation wide.ants-vs-termites

  The first thing you want to do is inspect your home for the little guys.  If you don't know how, call a pro.  What does termite damage look like?  Take a look above  in the termite photos.  The common markers are little canals in some wood flooring, framing or even a window sill .   Inspections can be made in obvious areas inside the home, but sometimes climbing under your home is inescapable.  Termites are slow workers, but left unchecked, they can no doubt ruin your home. 


Water damage

Water damage is the number one enemy when it comes to hardwood floors.  A leaky dishwasher, an improperly installed refrigerator or a toilet leak.  It really doesn't matter how it got there, what matters is that water damage will cause your floors to:


Cupping-the edges of the floor boards raise after getting wet. 

Crowning-This is a typical after effect of cupping.  When the floor dries, the edges go down and the center raises. 

Rot-sometimes confused with termite damage is when moisture sets in and remains wet for a period of time.  When wood is black, that is rot. 

Mold/Mildew-Do what you can to dry your floors with 48 hours of getting wet to avoid this issue.  Don't know how, call us and we can direct you. 


Fire damage

Fire Damage is self explanatory, but there are exceptions to the rule.  Sometimes there is hope and only a pro can tell detect the chances for recovery.  We have had instances after a fire when the floors actually "look" worst than they actually are.  We have taken solid wood floors that have been burnt superficially and then sand and finished them to look like new agian.   Of course each case will be unique and we can only speculate over the phone, so a professional inspection by a C-15 licensed contractor will be necessary. 


Normal wear and tear

Whether your Hardwood floors have been abused, mistreated or just gone bad, don't worry, we can help.  In the many years we have been in business, there hasn't been a case of hardwood floor repair we haven't seen many times over and have been able to correct at a fair price.    


 Hardwood flooring question recently posted:

I have squeaky floors, is there something that I can do myself to fix this?

The most common problem people have is squeaky hardwood floors.  Squeaky hardwood floors are almost inevitable at some time.  One thing you might try is adding some baby powder directly to the squeaky area making sure it gets in between the joints.  If this doesn’t work, then the problem could be deeper than you think.  If the sub- floor is loosened from the floor joist, baby powder isn’t going to fix anything.  There are anti squeak kits available at hardware stores for a few bucks.  This will require climbing under the house to reinforce the connection between the sub-floor and the joist. 

 We just purchased a new home and it has hardwood floors covered with carpet.  Can we remove the carpet and do something with the floors to restore the old wood?  

Yes, the carpet can be removed and the wood floors can be refinished.  Most of the time, these are oak floors which can then be stained as well.  

Our hardwood floors are old and damaged.  We don't know if the stains are water damage or pet stains.  Can we repair these stains in the boards?

  Yes, the floor boards will have to be removed and replaced in extreme situations.  All we have to do is locate the same floor as you and move forward with the repair. 

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