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This Recreational Hall was in really bad shape.  The hardwood floors were heavily stained and cupped. 

As the slider shows, there was plenty of hardwood floor damage that needed repair prior to restoring the hall floors to a like new state. 

The hardwood floor maintenance service for Recreational Hall Floors | Gym floors  

  • Recreational hall | Gym Hardwood floor repair

  • Recreational Hall | Gym Hardwood floor "Sanded & Stained"

  • Recreational Hall | Gym Hardwood floor "Re-coat" with commercial grade polyurethane finish.  This can be an annual maintenance program.    

Gymnasium | Recreational Hall | Hardwood floor | Refinishing | Resurfacing 

Refinishing Gymnasium or Recreational Hall hardwood floors

Refinishing, or as some call it, "Screen & Coat" or a "Re-Coat" is a maintenance process that is typically done in 1-2 days.  If your hardwood floors are "Starting" to wear and show signs of light scratches, scuff marks or you just want to beautify the look of the hardwood floors, then you are a candidate for the "Screen & coat" process.

The Process for Re-Coating | Screen and Coat | Gymnasium | Recreational Hall | Hardwood Floors 

  • A screen and coat process is when our contractors come in, and mechanically and chemically abrade the floors. 
  • There is a clean up process to better marry the new coat to the old coat
  • Finally, a coat of commercial grade finish is applied.  

There are plenty of gymnasiums and recreational halls that use this service annually.  This is the most affordable option. 

Resurfacting | Restoring | Sanding | Gymnasium | Recreational Hall | Hardwood Floors

This process is for a Gym or Hall that needs restoration.  Like the pictures above, there is a time when a Re-Coat won't suffice.  You will know when the floors are grey in color or heavily scratched or gouged. There is no quick fix for this type of damage.  To correct these flaws, you are in need of a complete sand and finish process.      

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process | Restoration process | Gymnasium | Recreational Hall 

  • The hardwood floors are sanded multiple times.  When the hardwood floors are sanded, all of the flaws in the hardwood are essentially erased.  A new canvas has been created where the hardwood floors are sanded flat and buffed to a smooth feel. 
  • If desired, color can then be added by Staining the hardwood floors.  The other option, which is popular, is to go with the "Natural" color of the wood. 
  • Finally, 3 coats of commercial grade finish are applied. 

At the end of the project, you are left with floors that look like NEW!  If you have high expectations, then sanding the hardwood is the way to go. 

Pricing is available by phone