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What to look for in a Refinishing Hardwood Floor Contractor 

California State License BoardHardwood floor refinishing is our specialty.  National Floors has been serving Alameda County and Santa Clara County for over a decade.  We posses all the positive and necessary credentials to earn your confidence.  Our company is licensed with the California State License Board (#903508).  National Floors is also bonded, has liability insurance along with workers compensation.  National floors very good.  You can check our "Live Reviews" and see for yourself.  On top of that, National Floors offers a "No Deposit" policy.  That basically means there is no up front money involved.  Since Refinishing hardwood floors in our specialty, we are absolutely sure we will transform your hardwood floors into a like new state.  This is all done at a fraction of the price of replacing your hardwood floors or carpet.  You can expect expect a dramatic change to your floors when you hire us to sand and finish your hardwood floors.  Deep scratches, gouges and other imperfections are erased with the four stage sanding process. 

Hardwood floor Contractor | Sander | FinisherRefinishing hardwood floors near meWatch | Refinishing hardwood floors

Sand and finishing hardwood floors takes a tremendous amount of skill, patience and know how to continuously turn out high quality work.  On average, our wood floor contractors will refinish over 130 floors per year.  It doesn't matter if your hardwood floors are red oak, white oak, maple, Santos mahogany or Brazilian cherry.  National Floors has sanded them all.  Leave it to us to restore your hardwood.

How to determine if you can Refinish Hardwood floors

Before the work can begin, we need to find out what type of floor you have.  By determining the type of hardwood floors you have, you as a homeowner, can make the best decision as how to move forward with your flooring project.  The easiest way to detect the type of hardwood floor in your home is to access teh heater vent or register in your floor.  If you have a vent in your floor, then you have a wooden subfloor.  You can then look at the profile of the floor to which type you have.  Typically, we can break your hardwood floors down into 2 categories. 

Sanding Solid Hardwood Floors

The first is a "Solid Hardwood" floor.  This would be a premium hardwood floor that is usually installed over a wooden sub-floor.  These solid hardwood floors can be sanded many times due to their thickness.  What does that mean to you?  It basically means the floors can be restored to a "Like New" state many times.  Some solid hardwood floors are of course thick than others, but even the thinnest of the solid hardwood floor will have a very long life.

Sanding Engineered Hardwood Floorsengineered hardwood floor wear layerClick to Enlarge

The second type of hardwood floor is "Engineered hardwood" floor.  This type of floor is NOT a solid hardwood floor.  An engineered hardwood floor is designed to be installed over a concrete slab.  This type of hardwood floor usually has 3-5 base layers intended to keep the top layer or Wear Layer protected from the moisture present in all concrete slabs.  There are a few ways of determining whether or not your engineered hardwood floors are a candidate for a sand and finish project.  The easiest way is to posses a loose or extra board from the installation.  At that point, you can put a nickel on top and take a picture of the "Profile" or side view.  You can then text it to us so we can see if the wear layer is thick enough to sand.  Many times over the years, we have had homeowners tell us that the person who sold them the engineered hardwood floors said that the floors can be automatically be sanded up to 3 times.  This is a sales pitch from a person who has NEVER performed the work.  Sand and finishing engineered hardwood floors is always done with caution.  Only a solid floor can be sanded without care and risk of burning through the wear layer.  The picture on the right depicts the proper way to photograph the nickel on top of the engineered hardwood floor to determine the wear layer.     

The Process of Sanding Hardwood floors

The first thing we do when sand and finishing your hardwood floors is to remove the old finish and "Flatten" your wood floors.  Worn out wooden floors tend to change shape in time and thus looses its flatness.  If you get down on your hands and knees and rub your hand across your floor, you will feel the unevenness and micro-bevels first hand.  We would then add "Wood filler" to fill in the hairline cracks for a better appearance.  After sanding the floor, 4-5 times, you will be left with a "New" surface.  Those old floors will look amazing, but they are actually very fragile and need protecting.      

The next step would be to add the color of choice.  If you want a "Natural" look, we would then add 3 coats of commercial grade finish.  This finish or polyurethane cannot be purchased over the counter.  You need a contractors license to purchase.  This is the same high quality finish that is used in businesses and malls.  If you have oak floors, like in the picture to the right, the "Natural" look will result in a golden tone.  If you prefer any other color, then you will need to have your hardwood floors stained.  With oak hardwood, you can go in any direction.  There are literally dozens of colors to choose from.    

You should know, not all hardwoods can be stained, but most can. Don't worry about the technical aspect, we got this. We will take your old hardwood floors in Alameda County and make them look like "New" again. What can you expect after the work is done? Floors that are flat, color that is even and a sheen of your choice.

Refinishing hardwood floor cost

The cost for refinishing hardwood floors is based off a few questions.  Please have the answers to these questions prior to calling:

  1. What city is the house located in?
  2. How old is the house? 
  3. We need "Total" square footage (length x Width) = Square footage
  4. We need to know if you want a "Natural" look or a "Stained" color

If you provide us with these answers, we can more than likely quote you over the phone. 

You should know that the more square footage you have, the better the price.  Even the smallest job will require a 2-3 day service.  There are many variables for us to consider before we can give you an accurate cost for refinishing hardwood floors. This is why it is best to have an estimator come to your home and give you a quote.  It's free, without obligation and takes about 10-15 minutes of your time.  Just so you know, the typical cost for refinishing hardwood floors is much cheaper than installing new carpet.  Please feel free to call us and perhaps we can give you a rough quote over the phone.

NEVER Hire the Cheapest Contractor

If you think shopping for the cheapest contractor is saving you money, your'e wrong and I'll tell you why.  Like oil and water, rock bottom prices and quality work don't mix.  Common sense will tell you that if a contractors price is cheap, it's cheap for many reasons that cause major regrets and headaches down the line. 

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is that the cheap contractor is "Illegitimate".  Someone who works under the radar and is not licensed by the CSLB.  It's a safe bet that their work is inferior and won't meet the professional standard you are expecting when paying for a professional service.  That's especially a big deal if things go south on your project.  Contractor nightmares are a daily experience for people skimping on cost.    
  2. Secondly, bottom of the barrel pricing is a desperate attempt at getting the work.  Any contractor that produces quality work will be in demand.  It's that simple.  
  3. Thirdly, the products and materials the cheap contractor uses are low grade.  The products we use can only be purchased by a licensed contractor.  That means you can't go to the Home Depot for flooring contractor grade materials because they don't sell them.  If inferior products are used, the durability is weak and the life span of the floors is shorter.  That means you will have refinish your hardwood floors all over again in just a few years.        

On the contrary, like in any industry, a contractor that produces high quality work will "Not" work for rock bottom prices because those flooring contractors are in High demand and have the positive reputation to prove it.  Our hardwood flooring contractors are C15 licensed (hardwood floor specialist), bonded and insured for your protection.  We can go a step further and say that our company has a "No deposit policy".  You don't pay until the work is completed.  

Sandless refinishing vs. Sand and finish hardwood floors

There are companies out there that are selling a "Sandless" refinishing process.  What is a hardwood "Sandless" refinishing process?  It's basically a shortcut process that most consider a Sham!  It's merely a maintenance program or technically the very last step in a full sand and finish process.  Without getting into too much detail, you can NEVER restore a hardwood floor with a sandless hardwood refinishing system.  This service, in essence, is masquerading the sale of one service for another.  Sandless hardwood refinishing is typically performed by a person who does NOT possess a C15 (Hardwood floor specialist) contractors license.  More on that later.  This sandless refinishing maintenance program, which we refer to as "ReCoating", will not correct hardwood floor issues like deep scratches or gouges.  If you have other issues with your hardwood floor like sun fading or discoloration, this sandless option will not correct the problem.  Why not?  Because you will just be top coating the existing floor.  Another way to look at it is, if you want to paint a car with a minor dent and some dings and decide to pass on the body work, you will be left with a shiny car that has a minor dent and dings.  Those mechanical imperfections cannot be corrected with a re-coat. 

The "Only" way to erase deep scratches, gouges and discoloration in hardwood floors would be to mechanically correct them with a sanding and finish process.  When you sand the floor, you are creating a new canvas.  When you have a fresh new starting point, the floors will look like new again, every time.  You can't get the same results with a re-coat.  If you have seen a re-coated floor next to a sand and finished floor, there is absolutely no comparison.  The sanded floors are without doubt superior in appearance and durability.  When the floors are sanded, they are top coated 3 times with commercial grade materials that can only be purchased by licensed contractors.    

Bamboo hardwood floor refinishingRefinishing Bamboo floors min

National floors is pleased to inform you that we do refinish bamboo flooring.  Most people think that bamboo is a hardwood, but in fact, bamboo comes from the grass family.  Bamboo flooring is probably one of the best bangs for the buck.  It looks great and is on the affordable side.  The hardness of bamboo is impressive and resist damage better than a lot of the hardwood flooring sold.  National floors is pleased to inform you that we do refinish bamboo flooring.  We not only can restore your bamboo floor, but we can change it's appearance.  Bamboo accepts stain, so you can have the bamboo floor you have alwarys wanted.       

Hiring a contractor that is not licensed 

Here's the negative with a sandless refinishing option for your hardwood floors:  If a "Sandless company" comes into your home and does not hold a contractors license, they would be classified as a "Handyman".  In other words, a contractor without a license is not a contractor.  In short, these people lack the professional skill set you are paying for and even worst, they are breaking the law!  

California state law says"Therefore, persons engaged in the business of home improvement must be licensed in the appropriate trade before advertising and/or submitting bids for construction and construction-related services. The license requirement is for jobs that total $500 or more in labor and materials (BPC ยง 7028)"   

Take a moment and do a FREE background check with the California State License BoardHere, in a matter of moments, you can quickly see if the person/company you are thinking about hiring is legitimate.  Just type in the license in the box to see if the person or company passes the test.  You will also quickly come to see if person/company is bonded, carries liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.  The law is here to protect you and your home from people posing as licensed contractors.  If you don't take this serious, you will likely be the person to fall victim from illegal behavior. 

What happens if an Unlicensed contractor messes up my hardwood floors?

  • You cannot contest their license.
  • You cannot collect from their liability company because a company "Must" posses a contractors license in order to be insured
  • You cannot put a lien against their bond because they don't have one.  Only licensed contractors carry a bond
  • You can take them to court if you can find them.  Most of these guys change their phone number and go under the radar once exposed
  • That deposit you gave them is gone.  

Outdoor Hardwood Deck RefinishingHardwood Deck Sand and Finished

Well, it's official.  National Floors hardwood floor refinishing is now sanding and refinishing out door hardwood decks.  So whether your deck is dug fir or redwood, we can sand it.  Your hardwood decks are just like any other investment.  If you neglect them, they will deteriorate and lose value.  With a hardwood deck, things are a little different, because of the sun and weather, they can wear out very fast if not protected.  As you may or may not know, it can be very costly to repair or replace your outdoor hardwood deck.    

This is what we do for you:  We will sand your deck and create a like "New" surface.  The deck will be flattened, just like we would with an interior hardwood floor.  We will then apply multiple coats of an outdoor deck material that is engineered to block UV rays.  The look is Amazing and will last for many years.  



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