National floors offers baseboard and base shoe installation

What are baseboards?expansion gap 578x336

Baseboards are planks that cover the length of the lowest part of the interior wall, where the floor meets the wall.  When a new hardwood floor is installed, there MUST be an "Expansion gap" between the outer edge of the floor and the wall.  This expansion gap (pic on the right) is an eyesore, so baseboard is used to cover this expansion gap.  The baseboard runs along the entire perimeter of the room.
There are literally dozens of different types of baseboard. The design can vary along with the height of the baseboard. The typical height for baseboard is about 3" tall.
Some baseboards are much more hardy than others, but understand, real wood cost much more than MDF.

The different types of baseboard material:

  • Real wood, like Pine
  • MDF (multi dense fiber) board
  • Even plastic

What is base shoe? 

Base shoe, located on the picture on the right, is a strip of material that is used when attempting to preserve your old base board.  A good example of this would be, if you were to install a new floor on top of an existing floor.  Since it is mandatory to leave an expansion gap so the new floor can fluctuate with the seasons, an unsitely gap will be present.  This is where base shoe comes into play and gives you that option of covering the gap without the purchase of new base board.   

Baseboard Installation pricing base board base shoe national floors 507x217

Installing baseboard pricing is dependent on a few things:

  • The type of material the baseboard is made of (Pine, MDF or other)
  • The design of the baseboard.  Some designs are simple, some are ornate, some are tall, etc.  They all play a part in the material cost. 
  • How many lineal feet that is being installed
  • Paint and caulk option

If you don't have this information to present to the estimator, no problem.  Give us a call and well get you straightened out.