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National Floors is a "Hardwood Floor" contracting company that provides the best solutions for your hardwood floors.  Our hardwood floor contractors are C15 licensed (Hardwood floor specialist #903508), bonded and insured for your protection.

Hardwood Floor Services include:

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Resurfacing | Restoring | Refinishing Hardwood Floors 

National floors, hardwood floor refinishing is our specialty.  Our C15 (hardwood floor specialist) license #903508, enables us to sand your old and worn hardwood floors and make them look like new again.  Sand & refinishing (resurfacing hardwood floors) accounts for over 90% of our hardwood floor projects.  Wood floor restoration takes time and incredible skill, but the transformation from old hardwood to new hardwood is amazing.  What's incredibly important is to find a quality contractor.  Since refinishing hardwood floors is the most difficult home project that can be accomplished, hiring the right hardwood floor contractor is necessary to get it done right.  National Floors Sand and refinishes over 100 hardwood floors per year. 

DIY Refinishing Hardwood Floors

After all the DIY shows on TV, someone might think they can easily sand and finish their hardwood floors themselves.  If you think you can refinish hardwood floors and get professional results, think again.  The level of difficulty is extremely high and this type of work is very labor intensive and requires you to get down on your hands and knees for long periods of time.  The less experience you have, the more time bent over you will have.  In short, the amount of skill needed is nothing you can pick up watching a few youtube videos. 

On average, we intercept 2-3 jobs per month from homeowners attempting to sand their hardwood floors themselves.  Each and everytime, we get the same disappointing remarks from the customer explaining; "It's too difficult".  They can't believe how much work it is.  Hours, upon hours of sanding with little progress.  This is due to the fact that professional sanding equipment is not available to the public (cannot be rented).  Also, professinoal grade supplies cannot be purchased by non-licensed people.  That means, if you decide to push forward and apply these flooring products, the life expectancy is very short compared to professional grade products. 

The most important asset is the skill required to sand and finish the hardwood floors.  The floors must be sanded in such a way that "All" of the old finish be removed.  Then, the hardwood floors must be sanded flat!  The final sanding process is essential for even color distribution of stain.  Then the floor must be coated 3 times with the proper spread rate.  If you have never sand and finished a hardwood floor, then get ready for a long and frustrating process with mediocre results.  Don't worry, we are here for you if you change your mind.      

Licensed Hardwood floor contractors

With thousands of hours of experience, our licensed contractors can tackle any hardwood floor project you may have.  Our contractors are well experienced at sanding, staining and coating hardwood floors.  There are many species of hardwood floors that can be sanded: Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Santos Mahogany, parquet flooring, Red Oak hardwood, White oak hardwood and more. 

The tools that our hardwood floor contractors use is top notch.  We use the best sanding machines for the flattest floors and top coat them with professional, commercial grade polyurethane for the best looking and longest lasting protection.  Our goal is simple, take your old worn out hardwood floors and transform them into a "Like New" state.  Our refinishing costs are very fair and with a high level of craftsmanship and a positive reputation, you can count on us.  

Hardwood Floor installation 

National floors hardwood flooring contractors install all types of hardwood floors both solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors.  The differences have much to do with the species, the type of flooring and the dimensions.  They all play a part in the material cost.  Here is a list of some of the basic varieties you can choose from:

• Engineered hardwood flooring
• Solid hardwood flooring-Available in prefinished and unfinished
• Oak hardwood flooring-Available in both Red Oak and White Oak
• Bamboo flooring

Engineered hardwood floors

Engineered hardwood floor is a term that creates a lot of confusion in the industry.  Engineered hardwood floor is designed to be installed over a concrete slab.  The base (bottom layers) of the engineered hardwood floor is multiple layers of plywood.  This plywood acts as a layer of moisture protection, blocking "Some" of the moisture that could leach from the slab and into your engineered hardwood floor.  Moisture rising into the floor will result in buckling or cupping.  Basically damaging your hardwood floor.    

Engineered hardwood floor cannot be nailed down to concrete, so the only other two options for installation are to glue down or float.  Gluing down a hardwood floor is an additional cost for the glue itself.  This method is semi permanent and requires great effort to remove the floor if the desire to change out the floor is made. 

What we have found is that general contractors almost always choose engineered floors on their projects because it's essentially an all purpose floor.  You can install it on concrete as well as a wooden sub-floor.  Though this is true, you can install engineered on all surfaces, this isn't always the best choice.  Not to go off topic, but we have found in newer homes, that most of the engineered floors installed by general contractors is very low grade with a very thin wear layer.  In my opinion, there's nothing worse than paying top dollar for a low quality product.      

Solid Hardwood Floors

If you happen to have a wooden subfloor, then solid hardwood floors is the best choice.  Why?  A comprable quality engineered hardwood floor, typically cost more than solid.  The solid hardwood floor will typically outlast the engineered hardwood floor by decades.  Solid hardwood floor will provide the best bang for the buck.  Solid hardwood floor can be nailed down to the sub-floor or it can also be glued or floated depending on the manufacturers design and the dimensions of the floor itself.  Engineered hardwood floor is designed to block moisture from the slab and prevent the floor from buckling.  Solid hardwood floor is not intended to block moisture and that is why a moisture blocking paper is used in the installation process.    

Refinishing | Resurfacing Engineered hardwood floors

Can engineered hardwood floors be refinished?  The short answer is yes in most cases.  The decesion is made by determining the thickness of the wear layer.  The wear layer of an engineered hardwood floor is what you actually see and walk on.  From a side/profile view, you could easily understand what I am referring to.  A wear layer that is at a minimum of 3mm can usually be sanded and restored with a sand and finish process.  If you're not sure and happen to have an extra board lying around, you can put a nickel on top and take a pic.  You can compare the picture on our refinishing hardwood floor page.  If you are still not sure, reach out to us.  We do this remotely, over the phone all the time.    

Just to be clear, the low quality engineered CANNOT be sanded and is considered a "One" time floor. In other words, once the floor is worn, it will need to be replaced and lacks the option to sand and finish to restore to a like "New" appearance.  This "Cheap engineered hardwood floors" will seem like the best purchase choice until you weigh out the consequences.  If you have to replace your engineered hardwood floors, you can expect to pay for the removal process, concrete floor prep, new flooring material, new baseboard, installation cost of floor and installation cost of new baseboard.  In the big picture you pay much, much more when you purchase cheap engineered hardwood floors. 

Hardwood Floor Repair

National floors and its hardwood florring contractors can handle every type of hardwood floor repair.  We can fix solid, engineered, oak flooring, etc... Most hardwood floor damage has occurred due to water damage, fire damage, termite damage or just wear and tear. 

If in fact you have excessive "Water damage", please read more.  There is a specific protocol that should be implemented prior to any hardwood floor repair.  A typical example would be to have a water damage/restoration company come to your home and professionally dry your floor, walls, etc..If your not sure of the process, give us a call and we will run you through the steps.

About National Floors

Finding a reputable wood floor contractor is important for creating beautiful results.  We are a small, family-owned hardwood floor contractor business that resides in the Bay Area.  National Floors has a long history, over 20 years, of successfully transforming our customers hardwood floors into a thing of beauty.  Our wood floor contractors, with over 90 years of combined experience, produce very high quality results.  National Floors is a wood floor company that is licensed, fully insured and bonded. On average, National Floors completes between 100-130 hardwood flooring projects per year.  

Our hardwood service prices are very affordable and we guarantee high quality work with a “No deposit” policy.  That means there absolutely NO deposit for all labor. When the job is complete and you approve of our work, that is when you pay.  Another policy National Floors practices is, "One job at a time".  When we start your project, we stay on your project until the job is complete.  We are motivated to get you back into your normal, everyday lifestyle.        

 Our reputation is very positive, with hundreds of 5 star ratings throughout the years, it's easy to see we are leaders in the hardwood industry.  We have a wonderful way of pleasing our customers and look forward to doing business with you.