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National floors and its hardwood flooring contractors, has been serving the City of Hayward, California for over a decade.  We are a leader in hardwood floor services like:hardwood floors refinishing-sanding-staining-national floors-Hayward CA 441x266

  • Hardwood floor Installation | Hayward CA

  • Hardwood floor sales | Hayward CA

  • Hardwood floor sand and refinishing | Hayward CA

  • Hardwood floor repair | Hayward CA  

National Floors hardwood floor contractors has been installing hardwood floors since the early 2000's.  Our hardwood flooring installation team has over 70 years of combined experience and craftsmanship. 

Here are some of the hardwood floor species you can choose from: 

  • Oak hardwood floors (Red & White)

  • Maple harwdood floors

  • Santos Mahogany hardwood floors

  • Birch hardwood floors

  • and so many more hardwoods

If you think anyone can install hardwood floors, you guessed wrong.  There is a strict protocol that insures a proper installation of hardwood floors.  Get it done right the first time.  Hire National Floors to install your hardwood floors. 


Hardwood floor refinishing near me | Hayward Ca

Most homes in Hayward CA prebuilt 1970 come stock with hardwood floors.  If you own a home in Hayward and you don't know if you have hardwood floors, it's probably due to them being covered with carpet.  The benefit to having existing hardwood floors in Hayward is huge.  Not only is the property value greater vs. a home without hardwood floors, but you have the opportunity to sand and finish these floors.  If your Hayward home does have hardwood floors, we can sand and finish them to look like new.  The cost of this service is very affordable and the results are amazing.  How much does it cost to refinish your hardwood floors?  Our hardwood floor contractors promise, it's cheaper than installing new carpet.

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